God is at work in the former Yugoslavia!

Please pray regularly for the work of the gospel here, and for the ministries striving to see God’s Kingdom come, in Croatia as it is in heaven.

Pray for the economy

Please pray today for the Croatian economy, and for the Croats who have lost jobs or lost income due to the coronavirus shutdown. Pray for the believers of Croatia to be generous with the little that they have, rather than grasping it more tightly. And pray that American Christians will also respond to uncertainty with…

Pray for Vlado Pšenko

A few days ago I asked you to pray for Vukovar. Yesterday I learned that the minister from the Church of Christ there is in the hospital in critical condition. Today, please pray for healing for Vlado Pšenko. Pray that God will heal and strengthen him so that he and his wife, Renata, will be…

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