Pray for the economy

Please pray today for the Croatian economy, and for the Croats who have lost jobs or lost income due to the coronavirus shutdown. Pray for the believers of Croatia to be generous with the little that they have, rather than grasping it more tightly. And pray that American Christians will also respond to uncertainty with generosity and faith.

Before I left Zagreb last week, I read that the number of job losses in the preceding ten days was equal to nearly 10% of the population of Croatian. In a country of 4.2 million people, there have been hundreds of thousands of job losses since 1 February, the equivalent of tens of millions of job losses in the USA.

Remember that full-time wages in Croatia are extremely low; the average worker makes well under a thousand dollars per month during the good times, with a cost of living comparable to the USA. And now that times are not so good …

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