Pray for Vukovar

Vukovar is a city on the eastern border of Croatia. It was heavily damaged during the war of the 1990’s, and a great war crime committed there. The city has a large Serbian population, and the Serbs and Croats there are heavily divided. The city is wounded, torn by internal hostility.

To my knowledge, there are two evangelical churches in Vukovar: Valley of Blessings Church of Christ (led by BIZG alumnus Vlado Psenko and his wife Renata) and another (either Baptist or Evangelical Pentecostal) church. There are also several Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Please pray today for Vukovar.

Pray for the ministers and their churches.

Pray for the people who have already lost their jobs in this economically-depressed region, and the many more who are living and feeding their families day-to-day.

Pray not only for the evangelical churches but for ALL the believers in Jesus Christ, regardless of denomination and ethnic background. Pray that they will be one (Jn 17.21), evangelical and Catholic and Orthodox, that God would use this time of trial to break down the barriers between them and let them serve one another and meet the needs of the desperate around them.

Pray for the pastors and their families, that God would give them strength and wisdom to serve as Jesus would serve.

PLEASE pray for Vukovar.

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