Earthquake, Coronavirus, etc.

Yesterday (Sunday) Zagreb was awakened by a 5.3 earthquake, centered about eight miles northeast of the center. I have heard that one person died in the quake. I have not seen confirmation.

Damage appears to be mild-to-moderate. The worst is to the older buildings, especially from the Center to the east. The Biblical Institute’s libraries both had damage to bookcases, but apparently nothing structural. All our people are well.

The earthquake struck as Croatia was locking down for the coronavirus. Churches & ministries, including the Institute, are springing into action with online content of various kinds: academic, social/interactive, devotional.

Please pray that the ministries & churches of Croatia will not miss this opportunity to impact Croatia with the gospel. Croats are more connected online than they have ever been, and they are hungrier for answers than at any time since the war.

May God open their hearts and guide our hands to meet these needs with the message of Jesus Christ.

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